Biobank Graz

Since 2007 Biobank Graz has been the main point of contact for collecting specimens at the Medical University of Graz. Biobank Graz stores body fluids, snap-frozen tissue and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded pieces of tissue from patients of the university departments of University Hospital Graz.

Biobank Graz is an active link between research, medicine and business that supports academic and industrial research partners as best as it can as they develop new therapeutic approaches and diagnostic procedures.

Biobank Graz Director

Monika Valjan,  MA
T: +43 316 385 72719
Monika Valjan

Biobank Graz

Biobank Graz …

  • … makes logistics and infrastructure available to researchers to provide them with the best support possible as they collect, process and store biospecimens and associated data.
  • … is a state-run non-profit organizational unit that receives public funding.
  • … is one of the largest clinical biobanks in Europe.
  • … operates in compliance with current national legislation and regulations and has set protection of patients as its primary goal.
  • … is ISO-9001:2015 certified (QM system).
  • … places the greatest importance on the quality of specimens and data.
Biobank Graz

Core activities

The main responsibilities of Biobank Graz are:

  • To be a reliable partner for patients and researchers: specimens and associated data used transparently and ethically for research
  • To collect and store specimens according to the latest technologies: centralized and automated processing and storage
  • To execute and coordinate projects: support for researchers in all matters
  • To provide access to specimens and data: promotion of innovations for better health care


Biobank Graz provides logistics, infrastructure and know-how for the collection, processing and storage of high quality human biospecimen and associated data. Biobank Graz  supports national and international research by providing samples and data while protecting donor´s rights and considering the interests of cooperation partners with the common goal to develop  approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Our Quality Policy

Guaranteeing customer satisfaction through competence, quality and focus on services

Expertise of our employees is further expanded through training, continuous increase of knowledge and biobanking innovations. In this way, we want to ensure the satisfaction of our customers through professional advice and high quality of our services.

Strengthening the team spirit through communication and responsible cooperation

The work of our team is characterised by friendly and collegial cooperation, commitment and motivation, which is supported by a structured working environment.

Strengthen and further develop public trust through transparency and ethical behaviour

We see research as an investment intofuture of society. Through enlightenment, standardised procedures and success stories, we increase the acceptance of donors. Committed to data protection and ethical behaviour, we handle samples and data of donors responsibly.

Ensure the pioneering role of Graz

Top (research) cooperations and the acquisition of funding, due to high sample & data quality, communication and transparency, enable us to remain at the forefront of biobanking.

Strengthen the central role of the Biobank Graz in the strategic orientation of the Medical University of Graz

Collaborative work, constructive interaction, and communication with Medical University of Graz and KAGes colleagues contribute to the achievement of our common goals.

Considering sustainibility at all levels of daily work

We aim to incorporate sustainability in biobanking decisions at the strategic and operational level and to take on a pioneering role in this regard.