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Informed Consent (IC) refers to an official declaration that you consent to the use of medical specimens no longer required for your treatment. As a result, these specimens can be used for current research projects or stored in Biobank Graz for future research projects.

According to current legislation, specimens and data that have been obtained during medical treatments may only be used for research purposes if the donor has been fully informed about all aspects of specimen use and has given his/her consent. Before consent is obtained, potential donors are informed about the content of the Informed Consent form by doctors or specially trained employees in an individual consultation. During this consultation, the patient is able to ask questions and receives all important information. If the patient gives his/her consent, specimens no longer required for diagnosis may be archived for scientific purposes.

The Biobank Graz Informed Consent form has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the Medical University of Graz.


Biobank Einverstaendnis
  • Consent must be given in writing and (if possible) before the specimen is taken.
  • Consent is only valid if the donor is sufficiently informed about the purposes, nature, significance and consequences.
  • Under no circumstances will more or other tissue than what is required to diagnose or treat the existing disease be taken from the donor. When blood is drawn, up to a maximum of 20 ml additional blood (ca. 4 teaspoons) may be taken.
  • Each individual research project requires proof of a positive decision by the Ethics Committee.
Biobank Einverstaendnis
  • The specimens are used exclusively for biomedical research purposes.
  • To guarantee data protection, specimens and data used in studies are identified exclusively by a code (pseudonymized/anonymized).
  • If the donor provides consent, all available specimen materials collected in the past as well as in the future may be used.
  • Donors receive no financial compensation for providing specimens. If research findings obtained using specimens or data from Biobank Graz are commercially exploited, donors have no right to a share.

Withdrawal of consent

The donor has the right to withdraw his/her consent to use specimens at any time and without providing any reasons. The withdrawal of consent to use specimens comprises a partial or complete retraction of the consent to use specimens. As a result, these specimens will no longer be used for research purposes and will be disposed of professionally if necessary. Research findings that have already been obtained with these specimens are not affected by the withdrawal of consent.


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