Biobank Graz

Specimen requests for the prospective creation of a specimen collection or the use of biobank specimens for research purposes may be directed to Biobank Graz. If you would like to contact all Austrian biobanks, please click here.


Project Management Team 
T: +43 316 385 72716


Online Consultation

You are planning for the first time the collection of samples in a prospective cohort or the usage of biobanked samples for research purposes? You have questions regarding ethics and biobanking (for examples usage of biobank or study specific informed consent)?

As of now there is the possibility to informally discuss these questions with representatives of the ethics committee and Biobank Graz during virtual meetings.


Study and project service Biobank Graz

All research projects will be carried out under ethically correct framework conditions and therefore with a positive ethical approval of the ethics committee of the Medical University of Graz. Biobank Graz has set up a study and project service in order to support all researchers in collecting and preparing the ethics applications and all related documentation.

External researchers


Project request

  • Registration (only for people outside Med Uni Graz or University Hospital Graz): External researchers who would like to obtain access to material/data for the first time must fill out the registration form
  • Project request: The researcher sends the project request to the Project Management Team. After the project request has been submitted, Biobank Graz examines the feasibility of the project and checks whether the necessary specimens and data are available.
  • Further procedure: With the help of a study protocol, the project is clearly described, the study cohorts are defined, other steps that are required are identified and an initial cost estimate is prepared.
  • Biobank representative: Biobank representatives evaluate the submitted project applications.
  • Execution: Before specimens/data are distributed to the researchers, the cooperation agreement must be signed and proof must be presented of a positive decision from the Med Uni Graz Ethics Committee.

Project execution


The Biobank representative decides whether a project is feasible or not according to the following criteria:

  • The project is in accordance with the goals of Biobank Graz and has a clearly recognized benefit for the general public. Trade in specimens and data is rejected.
  • Is the project in the research interest of Med Uni Graz? Can research cooperations be facilitated?
  • What scientific relevance does the project have? Is this project feasible?
  • Relative value of the specimens (number of equivalent specimens in Biobank Graz, incidence/prevalence of the disease, estimated length of time until another specimen of this type can be collected)


The following standards/rules apply to project execution:

  • Specimens are not distributed to people outside Med Uni Graz/University Hospital unless there is a sound reason. Instead, on-site analysis in the special laboratories of the Center for Medical Research is preferred. Reasons for the transfer of specimens must be given in the project application.
  • ALL research projects for which specimens are distributed require a positive decision from the local Ethics Committee of Med Uni Graz.
  • The processing time by Biobank Graz depends on the complexity of the submitted project. New project requests are usually answered within three workdays.
  • The project leader will acknowledge Biobank Graz in all publications and other public announcements (e.g. posters, presentations) as follows: "The samples/data used for this project have been provided by Biobank Graz of the Medical University of Graz, Austria. Cohort XXXX_XX, Cohort name in English."


Project Management Team 
T: +43 316 385 72716