Sample quality

Biobank Graz operates a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015. As part of this certification, the samples are processed, stored and documented according to standard operating procedures (SOPs) that guarantee highly standardized and quality assured sample handling and storage.

Furthermore, several prospective collections of Biobank Graz meet CEN/TS 16945 requirements. 


To optimize sample management and ensure sample quality, Biobank Graz has implemented automation processes as well as cutting-edge and large scale equipment.

Tissue Samples



1. Storage of fresh frozen tissue samples

In the gasphase of liquid nitrogen (cryo tanks). The temperature varies between -120°C and -160°C.






2. Storage of Paraffin block & slides

 In well-organized FFPE archive, at room temperature.

Liquid Samples



3. Handling of liquid samples

A fully automated robot system to process liquid samples has been custom-designed for Biobank Graz. Freezing of aliquots taken from primary tubes is performed within a few minutes by the robot system on a single tube level.



4. Storage of liquid samples

Storage of liquid samples is realized in fully automated storage systems at minus 80°C with single tube picking of single aliquots at minus 20°C or minus 80°C.



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