Frequently Asked Questions

What types of samples are available at Biobank Graz and how can I find out whether my samples of interest are available?

An overview of the collections of biological materials at Biobank Graz is given >>here

For information about the availability of samples for your specific research project, please directly contact the project management of Biobank Graz: biobank-pm(at)

The general procedure for your project request is explained in this flowchart >>Access rules

How can I get access to samples and data of Biobank Graz?

Here you can find all details on the access policy of Biobank Graz as well as information how project requests are processed >>Access policy

Which sample associated data is available?

Biobank Graz as part of the Medical University of Graz has established a close collaboration with the University Hospital Graz. Human samples and associated date are directly collected from patients at the University Hospital. Therefore, the complete medical history of patients that signed the Informed consent is available upon request. In cooperation with the specific departments, Biobank Graz can retrieve clinical data, survival data as well as other available data.

Can Biobank Graz start a prospective collection of my samples of interest?

Yes, for specific research interests it is possible to start a prospective collection of human samples according to specific exclusion and inclusion criteria. Prospective collections are set up in cooperation with the respective department at University Hospital Graz. Biobank Graz also offers to be central storage facility of lager projects such as EU-funded projects. For questions please contact: biobank-pm(at)

Is an online-database for human samples of Biobank Graz available?

Together with we are working on an online database that provides an overview of available samples at Biobank Graz. The respective link is: This database gives a first overview of the samples available at Biobank Graz. For more details please directly contact the project management of Biobank Graz: biobank-pm(at)

Is there a documentation of sample collection, processing and storage?

Yes, Biobank Graz is certified according to EN/ISO 9001:2015 and works according to specific ‘Standard operating procedures’ (SOPs). This assures that samples are collected, processed and stored complying to standardized and quality assured work processes.

Moreover, all samples are labelled with a 2D Data Matrix code and scanned during automated processing and the storage process. This allows high quality documentation of sample handling and storage.

What are the costs for Biobank Graz services?

The service fees vary depending on the affiliation of the applicant:

  • For researchers from departments at Medical University of Graz the service fees are low since Biobank Graz is part of Medical University of Graz. In this case for investigator initiated studies no costs will be charged. For funded projects (FWF, EU, ÖNB and others) the project leader has to make a contribution to cover a part of the incurred costs of Biobank Graz.
  • For projects from external academic institutions the fees are higher than for internal projects since in most cases these projects are cooperative research projects with the Medical University of Graz. The low costs encourage cooperation between universities and result in a scientific benefit for both universities.
  • For industrial projects from commercial customers, full costs need to be charged, meaning that only here a full recovery of the actual costs is given. As Biobank Graz is a non-profit organisation, the incurred costs include costs for storage, staff, collection and retrieval of data as well as investment costs and costs for rent.

In any case, the cost calculation is greatly dependent on the specific project request, since every project has different features resulting in variable costs. For all Research Projects receiving samples from Biobank Graz, there are no direct costs for the human samples. For further information, please contact: biobank(at)

Why are some processes slow and I have to wait for a response?

The response time of Biobank Graz depends on the complexity of the submitted project. Project requests are generally answered within two calendar days. Database search for the number of available samples may take a few days as well, depending on the complexity of inclusion and exclusion criteria for sample selection. As a rule of thumb the decision of the university internal “Approval committee” is delivered within 3 weeks.

What is needed for sample transfer from Biobank Graz?

From our donors we collect Informed consents that cover all issues of modern biomedical research. For sample transfer a positive ethics committee vote as well as the approval of our university internal “Approval committee” is mandatory.

For more details click here >>Access rules

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