Online Diskussionsmöglichkeit mit Vertretungen der Ethikkommission und der Biobank

Sie planen erstmalig beispielsweise den prospektiven Aufbau einer Probensammlung oder die Verwendung von Biobank-Proben für Forschungszwecke und haben dabei verschiedene Fragen, die Aspekte der Ethik sowie des Biobankings betreffen (z.B. Verwendung des Biobank IC und/oder studienspezifischer IC)?

Ab sofort besteht die Möglichkeit, offene Fragen in einer gemeinsamen virtuellen Beratungsstunde (Webex-Meeting mit einer Vertretung der Ethikkommission und der Biobank) auf informellem Weg zu diskutieren.

Für Terminvereinbarungen kontaktieren Sie bitte: biobank-pm(at)

Project Application Process

  1. Registration (external reseacher only): Med Uni Graz external researchers seeking access to material/data for the 1st time have to fill the Registration Form.
  2. Project Application: The researcher sends the Project Application to biobank-pm(at) After a Project Application is filed, Biobank Graz checks whether the required samples and data are available and costs are estimated.
  3. Project application development: The project is developed in an interactive process that includes the definition of the study protocol and the study cohort. 
  4. Biobank representative assesses the submitted project proposals. 
  5. Execution: Prior to sample/data release to the approved researcher the Material Transfer Agreement needs to be execute and a positive ethics vote is needed. (Link: local ethics committee)


The Biobank representative applies to the following decision criteria:

  • Project is consistent with the objectives of Biobank Graz (research project, no sample and data trade), clearly recognizable benefit for the general public
  • Promotion of the research interests of Medical University of Graz, resultant research co-operations
  • Scientific quality of the project (relevance of research, feasibility)
  • Relative value of the samples (number of equivalent samples at Biobank Graz; incidence /prevalence of the illness; estimated time to recollect spent samples)


The following standards apply for the project implementation:

  • Samples are preferably not transferred outside Medical University of Graz. Instead, on-site analysis using the core facilities of the Center for Medical Research is favoured. Sample transfer must be justified at project submission.
  • The recipient must provide proof that the research project has gained the approval of the local ethics committee
  • The response time of Biobank Graz depends on the complexity of the submitted project. Project Applications are generally answered within 3 working days. 


An outline of the Biobank Graz' samples can be found at the BBMRI-ERIC Directory

For enquiries please contact biobank-pm(at)

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