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  1. After a project request is filed, Biobank Graz checks whether the required (suitable) samples and data are available.
  2. The project is developed in an interactive process that includes the definition of the study protocol and the study cohort and leads to the project proposal.  
  3. The Approval Committee (AC) assesses the submitted project proposals. Its decision process to approve or reject a given project proposal takes into account statements from Biobank representatives from the institutes and departments that contribute to Biobank Graz by collecting samples and data and which pursue their own research interest in the research area of the respective project.

The composition and modus operandi of the AC and the BR are governed by the “Procedural rules of the Approval Committee of the Biobank Graz, Med Uni Graz" (German) (>>download<<).


The AC applies to the following decision criteria:

  • Project is consistent with the objectives of Biobank Graz (research project, no sample and data trade), clearly recognizable benefit for the general public
  • Promotion of the research interests of Medical University of Graz, resultant research co-operations
  • Scientific quality of the project (relevance of research, feasibility)
  • Relative value of the samples (number of equivalent samples at Biobank Graz; incidence /prevalence of the illness; estimated time to recollect spent samples)


The following standards apply for the project implementation:

  • Samples are preferably not to be transferred outside Medical University of Graz. Instead, on-site analysis using the core facilities of the Center for Medical Research is favoured. Sample transfer must be justified at project submission.
  • The recipient must provide proof that the research project has gained the approval of the local ethics committee. The AC, however, reserves the right to require the submission of the research project to the Ethics Committee of the Medical University of Graz.
  • The response time of Biobank Graz depends on the complexity of the submitted project. Project requests are generally answered within 48h. As a rule the decision of the AC is delivered within 3 weeks.

Required documents

The required forms for a project application can be downloaded here:


Deutsche Version:

English Version:

Material Transfer Agreement:

>> An outline of the Biobank Graz' samples can be found at the Catalogue

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