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Ethical, legal and social issues

Samples and data provided by Biobank Graz will only be delivered to ethically and scientifically approved research projects. The ethical concept of Biobank Graz is in accordance with all applicable laws and the respective legislation in the areas of public health care, medicine, personal rights, data protection, genetics, civil and criminal law and university policies in Austria.

Biobank Graz has been approved by the local ethics committee and by the official Austrian data regulatory board (DVR). A comprehensive data protection policy has been developed and implemented to protect sample donor privacy. A respective data protection officer is in place. A broad Informed Consent has been established by an interactive process involving all interested parties and the local ethis committee.


>>Ethics vote of Biobank Graz

>>Bioethics Commission of the Austrian Federal Chancellors Office

>>Ethics Committee of Medical University of Graz

>>German Ethics Council

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