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Managing Director

Mag. Dr. Christian Gülly                                                                  0316-385-72719e-mail
Dr. Franziska Vogl, MSc (Deputy, currently on leave) 


Esther Pechmann - Team Manager                                                  0316-385-72716e-mail
Sabrina Zöhrer0316-385-73642e-mail

QM and Infrastructure

DI Katharina Plattner - Team Manager                                            0316-385-73019e-mail
Skaiste Riegler, MA0316-385-73654e-mail
Mag. Dr. Manuela Strahlhofer-Augsten0316-385-73641e-mail


Ruzica Josipovic - Team Manager                                                   0316-385-73108e-mail
Gabriele Hofer                   0316-385-73645e-mail
Elisabeth Süsser0316-385-78018e-mail


Sabine Luttenberger, BSc - Team Manager                                     0316-385-73111e-mail
Julia Matejka0664-1524878e-mail
Stefanie Mitterhumer0316-385-80864e-mail
Martin Saxinger0316-385-73519e-mail
Birgit Sampel0316-385-81212e-mail
Karlo Tot0316-385-73112e-mail
Markus Wolf0316-385-73504e-mail

Project Management and Cooperations

Sarah Frajuk, BSc MSc - Team Manager                                       0316-385-73101e-mail
MMag. Dr. Doris Darrer0316-385-73102e-mail
Dr. Lea Papić, PhD0316-385-73103e-mail
Pablo Zardoya Laguardia, PhD0316 385-73107e-mail
Sabine Katzbeck0316-385-73106e-mail


Ing. Robert Pierre Primschitz - Team Manager                               0316-385-71653e-mail
Mag. Dr. Johannes Wolfgang Woger0316-385-72762e-mail
Arvid Puschnig0316-385-73651e-mail
Ing. Amila Kugic, BSc0316-385-73113e-mail
Katharina Gehmacher, BSc MSc0316-385-73643e-mail

Networking, Projects and Communication

DI Dr. Veronika Perz, (, WP5)                                        0316-385-73104e-mail
MSc Sabrina Kral0316-385-72721

'Codex4SMEs' team

Sarah Frajuk, BSc MSc                                                                    0316-385-73101


Pablo Zardoya Laguardia, PhD0316-385-73107
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