Medizinische Universität Graz

Team of Biobank Graz

Providing biobank services on a high quality level, Biobank Graz pays particular attention to the recruitment of staff with different professions. Today, the interdisciplinary team of Biobank Graz guarantees professional services on all biobanking topics.

Managing Director

Mag. Dr. Christian Gülly                                                              






Esther Pechmann - Team Manager                                              0316-385-72716e-mail
Sabrina Zöhrer0316-385-73642e-mail



QM and Infrastructure

Mag. Brigitte Jaksa - Team Manager                                                 0316-385-73654e-mail
Mag. Dr. Michaela Bayer0316-385-73019e-mail
Skaiste Riegler, MA *0316-385-73519e-mail
Mag. Dr. Manuela Strahlhofer-Augsten0316-385-73641e-mail





Ruzica Josipovic - Team Manager                                                      0316-385-73108

Gabriele Hofer                   e-mail
Elisabeth Süssere-mail




Sabine Luttenberger, BSc   - Team Manager                                       0316-385-73111e-mail
Julia Matejka0316-385-81212e-mail
Stefanie Mitterhumer0316-385-80864e-mail
Martin Saxinger0316-385-73100e-mail
Birgit Sampel0316-385-73519e-mail
Karlo Tot0316-385-73112e-mail
Markus Wolf0316-385-73646e-mail




Project Management and Cooperations

Dr. Franziska Vogl, MSc - Team Manager                                        0316-385-73644e-mail
MMag. Dr. Doris Darrer0316-385-73102e-mail
Sarah Frajuk, BSc MSc0316-385-73101e-mail
DI Annemarie Marold 0316-385-72721e-mail
Sabine Katzbeck0316-385-72716e-mail
Skaiste Riegler, MA *0316-385-73519e-mail




Ing. Robert Pierre Primschitz - Team Manager                                    0316-385-71653e-mail
Mag. Dr. Johannes Wolfgang Woger0316-385-72762e-mail
Arvid Puschnig0316-385-73651e-mail
Amila Kugic, BSc0316-385-73113e-mail
Katharina Gehmacher, BSc MSc0316-385-73109e-mail





Networking, Projects and Communication

DI Dr. Veronika Perz, (, WP5)0316-385-73104e-mail Tanja Macheiner                                                              0316-385-73103e-mail
Mehdi Kara-Borni0316-385-73105e-mail




'Codex4SMEs' team

Sarah Frajuk, BSc MSc                                                                         0316-385-73101


Dr. Franziska Vogl, MSc0316-385-73644
Mehdi Kara-Borni0316-385-73105



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