Medizinische Universität Graz

Biobank Graz: The mission

Biobank Graz supplies high quality clinically annotated human samples to researchers in academic and commercial institutions to foster medically relevant research discoveries and improve treatment options.

Biobank Graz: The core values

Honesty – Transparent and ethically approved use of donors’ specimens in biomedical research

Diversity – Delivery of high quality human samples from a large variety of diseases

Innovation – Centralized access based on automated handling and storing of samples

Knowledge transfer – Teaching and training the next generation of biobankers

Biobank Graz: The goals

  • Integration of existing and future collection initiatives within a joint, interdisciplinary biobank for a cooperative and competitive use of resources
  • Support of academic, industrial and cooperative research fostering the development of biomarkers and the improvement of diagnostics and therapies
  • Ensuring that operations of Biobank Graz database systems are in accordance with data protection regulations and legislation
  • Adjustment of the implemented Biobank Graz quality standards for sample/data collection to ensure highest quality
  • Active participation of Biobank Graz in pan-European as well as international biobanking Networks

Biobank Graz: The added value

The value chain below illustrates the added value created by Biobank Graz. The upper area describes the core activities on the primary market resulting in the collection of samples and data. This enables analysis of samples as an activity on the secondary market. The area at the bottom displays numerous international activities on the tertiary market such as coaching and consulting or biobanking education aiming at the improvement of international biobanking collaboration and access to sample and data.

Value chain of Biobank Graz

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